Service Tips

Tier 4 Engine Technologies

Understanding How They Work, Plus Maintenance Tips

Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation

In Case C Series Excavators and N Series Loader Backhoes

Diesel Particulate Filter Tips


  • The DPF works most efficiently at full throttle, as the engine is burning cleaner while the rpm is constant.


  • The DPF is designed to last for a minimum of 3,000 - 3,500 hours.
  • The filter is positioned for easy access on all machines to facilitate service, when required.
  • The DPF is cleaned using a regeneration process, which occurs while the filter is on the machine.
  • Low ash CJ-4 engine oil is required.


  • There are no changes needed in general equipment operation.
  • Only use ultra low sulfur fuel.
Selective Catalytics Reduction

In Case F Series Wheel Loaders

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tips


  • Refilling the DEF tank can be incorporated into a regular maintenance or refueling routine.
  • Always be proactive about checking DEF levels.
  • Change supply module filters at required intervals.
  • Low ash CJ-4 engine oil is not required but can be used.


  • SCR system is separate from the main engine function and does not affect horsepower or torque.
  • SCR technology is highly efficient and reduces fuel consumption.


  • Each machine includes a DEF gauge and a warning signal when DEF level is low, similar to a fuel gauge.
  • Only use ultra low sulfur fuel.

Purchasing DEF

  • DEF is available in four container sizes from Case: 2.5-gallon, 55-gallon drum, 275 or 330-gallon totes.