Dig faster and more accurately to the target design surface and cross slope with the new iCON iXE3 semi-automatic functionality for excavators.

Product FeatureS:

By automatically controlling the boom, bucket, tilt, and tilt rotator bucket functions, the new semi-automatic functionality enables the operator to execute complex tasks, reduce manual controls, increase productivity, speed and accuracy of the work, even for less experienced operators.

The new semi-automatic excavator functionality is completely flexible and easy-to-use, allowing the operator to select auto boom control, auto bucket control, auto tilt control, and auto rotation control or in any combination to suit the operator’s choice and the task at hand.

The advanced 3D excavator machine control solution offers several new functions:

  • Prepare level of automation in the software
  • Activate stick and use on the stick
  • Automatic functions are activated automatically when within the configurable window
  • Adjust height of bucket automatically
  • Snap the bucket to the surface
  • Cross-cut surface protection
  • Rotation controlled cross-cut combines the auto bucket and auto tilt control to match the target surface regardless of the bucket rotation


  • Allows for part or full automation of the boom, bucket, tilt bucket, or tilt rotator
  • Automated boom and bucket movement aids inexperienced operator by allowing the operator to focus on controlling the movement of the stick and reduces operator fatigue
  • Includes built-in undercut protection, eliminating over digging into undisturbed soil
  • Perform complex excavation tasks such as smooth surfaces, slope creation and trenching faster and more accurately
  • Designed to ensure safer construction sites

iCON Panel










Applicable Models:

Case CX210 (tilt bucket) / CX250 (tilt rotator)


There are 2 configurations for the semi-automatic excavator solution – “boom/bucket” and “boom/bucket/tilt”. The boom/bucket/tilt solution is only required for controlling tilt on machines with a standard tilt bucket. The “boom/bucket” will control tilt functionality on machines with a tilt rotator.

Please contact Groff Tractor & Equipment with assistance in configuring and quoting these systems as configuration will vary based on customer requirements.