Depending upon your heavy equipment needs and the project at hand, there are options available to get the job done. Two of the most common types of equipment are excavators and backhoes. Excavators and backhoes may look similar but have different uses on construction sites. They differ in three ways, namely size, versatility, and rotation. When comparing a backhoe vs. excavator, these differences are deciding factors that help you discern which type of equipment is right for your project.

If you are a newbie on the construction site, you may be torn between deciding which heavy equipment to use for each project. Some machines are versatile, but typically, one is better suited to handle any given task. Read our backhoe vs. excavator comparison to gain more insight into which of the two to use on your construction project.

Tips for Choosing the Right Construction Equipment for Your Project: Excavator or Backhoe?

Many factors come into play when finding the right heavy equipment to use for each type of project. Here are a few tips to help you decide whether to use an excavator or backhoe.

1 – Take Size into Account

Excavators and backhoe machines may have some similarities, but size is not one of them. A backhoe is more compact and will be ideal for smaller projects. It is smaller and more adaptable in comparison to an excavator. Backhoes are better suited for farming, snow removal, and loading jobs. On the other hand, an excavator will cover larger worksites. Excavators are a superior choice for demolition projects, mining, driving piles, and larger construction projects.

2 – A Backhoe Is Capable of More Tasks

A backhoe is an excavating machine with a two-part articulating arm on one side and a bucket. It is smaller and can be driven like a truck because it has tires, unlike an excavator, which most commonly gets around using tracks. The tires allow your backhoe to get around quickly – in and out of spaces on your site as needed.

3 – An Excavator Is Capable of Better Rotation

On the other hand, if you need to excavate a large area and get rid of a massive amount of soil to clear the area, an excavator will be more suited to the job. This machine will rotate at a 360-degree angle and offer the operator better rotation without driving and turning the vehicle manually.

Backhoe vs Excavator: Which One Should You Use?

Although you can accomplish many tasks using backhoes or excavators, there are also situations where only one or the other will be the best choice.

Speak with a Heavy Equipment Professional

If all else fails and you are still unsure of which machine to use for your project, speak directly with a heavy equipment professional. A Groff Tractor representative will be happy to help you find out which machine will work more effectively for each of your projects.

Whether you need help deciding between a backhoe vs. excavator, or if you want to purchase heavy equipment for your construction project, work with Groff Tractor! We are a proud dealer of dependable manufacturing brands including CASE Construction, Takeuchi, Liebherr, Wirtgen, Hamm, Vögele, Kleemann, Wacker Neuson, and many more. Get the most reliable construction machinery by contacting us today!