A mini excavator is a piece of compact utility equipment that has many uses in the construction industry. Mini excavators can weigh up to 20,000 lbs. which would border on what’s considered compact. These are popular vehicles because they are incredibly versatile. This leads us to the question, when should you use a mini excavator?

Is A Mini Excavator What You Need?

Mini excavators bring something to the table that regular excavators cannot offer, which makes them more suitable for some jobs. This doesn’t mean standard excavators are not useful machines – it all depends on the kind of job!.

Mini excavators offer reduced track marks and they’re better for tasks that have to be done in crowded sites. They can go around parking lots with ease, too. Also, a smaller excavator can be easily transported from site to site.

Mini excavators typically have bucket sizes between 12 and 24 inches, but you can also install attachments, which adds to the versatility.

Where Do You Use Mini Excavators?

Here are some of the main uses of mini excavators in construction:

For Sewer Line Repairs

If there’s a need for a basic repair in sewer lines, a mini excavator makes better sense than a trencher or other full-size machines. They can perform the job just as efficiently and at a lower price. You’ll need to determine the digging depth that is required for the sewer line to ensure that the mini excavator can reach it. Once you are certain that it can, there’s no need to rent something else.

For Installing Hot Tubs or Pools

Hot tubs and pools typically require building permits, so they’re often handled by contractors. Because mini excavators are more compact, they’re a better choice for going around a backyard that may have limited space.

For Small Structure Demolition

There are lots of jobs for demolitions of small structures, like sheds. A mini excavator is perfect for this. They can navigate small areas with ease.

For Digging Holes

Most construction jobs require digging holes. Construction teams might consider shoveling or using hand-powered tools to do the job. However, a mini excavator may be a better choice as it can dig holes faster and even reach hard-to-reach spots.

Rent or Buy a Mini Excavator

As you can see, a mini excavator can be really useful for a variety of construction jobs. Depending on the task, it might be the only ideal option for you! If you need rent to own equipment like a mini excavator, just be sure that you’re getting it from a reliable source.

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