In the past few years, the global construction equipment industry has seen its fair share of innovations and exciting updates. Yet, no company has managed to stay in the public eye for as long as CASE Construction Equipment has.

Today, the Italian-American manufacturing giant has reached the point where it has become a household name for those in the construction and industrial scene. CASE CE has undoubtedly made a name for itself, from backhoes and trailers to cranes and tractors that now have a loyal following.

Thanks to its constant dedication to providing quality equipment and top-notch customer experiences, the company is now one of the movers and shakers in the construction equipment industry.

Beyond quality end-user experiences, however, CASE CE is also known for its passion for constant innovation, a distinct aspect of the company that was recently demonstrated in its latest developments.

CASE G Series Upgrades

April 21 saw a big announcement from CASE regarding its intentions to improve the quality of operations with its G Series Wheel Loader updates.

In an effort to ensure improved operational experiences, the company made clear its intentions to administer new enhancements to its G Series wheel loaders during a virtual launch event. While previous machine updates may have been considered menial, the brand guarantees a monumental change in the overall quality of operations to look forward to in the next update.

During the launch event, CASE Product Manager Andrew Dargatz said: “Wheel loaders— especially those in production and heavy working environments—achieve significant improvements in performance and profitability when you shorten cycle times, simplify operation and increase uptime.” Further reiterating the impact of incoming updates, he says: “[each] of the enhancements introduced in the new CASE G Series loaders drive those incremental improvements that lead to big gains in productivity and efficiency.

What Exactly is Changing with the CASE CE G Series Wheel Loaders?

Aside from the announcement that adjustments were made to make machine operations easier and more comfortable, there are several expected upgrades that make 2021 G-Series loaders well worth the wait.

Here are some of the main highlights that any company needing top-quality loading equipment can look forward to in the upcoming release from CASE CE:

1. Enhanced Integrated Technologies

According to Dargatz, one of the biggest enhancements worth looking forward to in this year’s line of G Series wheel loaders is the availability of an optional factory-integrated payload system. Compared to previous fixtures, this type of technology stands out because it’s a purpose-built system designed specifically for the wheel loaders and the applications in which they work.

With enhanced integrated technologies, the 2021 line of G Series wheel loaders now provides reduced downtime since there is no longer an extended wait for installation. Integrated directly into the primary operator display, this piece of technology allows users to easily and conveniently monitor details, such as:

  • Bucket weights
  • Pass counts
  • Accumulated or running weight
  • Job tracking data

Aside from the factory-integrated payload system, the upcoming line of loaders for 2021 also boasts other fixtures, such as a newly enhanced SiteWatch telematics system and a new and improved tire pressure monitoring system!

2. Optimized Powertrain Features

Beyond incoming convenience and comfort upgrades, CASE CE’s virtual launch also set the spotlight on one of the most pivotal changes to its G Series wheel loaders: enhanced powertrain features.

Spread throughout its seven models from the 521 Wheel Loader through the 1121 Wheel Loader, the horsepower ratings are definitely improved for this year’s loaders as their power range now stands at a staggering 142 to 347 hp (or 105.9 to 258.8 kW). For this batch of loaders, each model features impressive new additions, such as FPT Industrial engines, after-treatment systems, and an improved cooling cube module system!

Shop New CASE CE G Series Machinery!

With CASE CE following through with its promises of great developments for its customers, it isn’t surprising to see that the 2021 G Series Wheel Loaders are following suit with exciting developments. If you’re looking for a sign to upgrade your company’s loaders to the industry gold standard today, then the opportunity to acquire the loader in question is what you need!

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