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5400BT Industrial Wood Chipper


5400BT Industrial Wood Chipper

Engine CAT C18; 765hp / CAT C18; 570kW
Fuel Capacity: 350 Gallons / 1325 Liters
Machine Width Transport Width: 8′-4” / Transport Width: 2,540mm
Machine Length: 39’-11.5” / 12,100mm

The CBI Magnum Force 5400BT is a next-generation industrial wood chipper from CBI that allows owners to select from four different field-swappable rotors to accommodate changing materials and processing demands. This unique design provides the flexibility to process an exceptionally wide variety of materials and generate the products that your clients demand – all with a single machine. To further its unique design, the PT Tech hydraulic PTO and hydraulic engagement replaces the need for a clutch.

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