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CBI Log and Stump Screw


CBI Log and Stump Screw

An attachment for splitting over-sized butt logs, pole wood, tree service block wood and stumps into a more manageable size. The XP and XLP fit virtually any machine with auxiliary hydraulics. Splits wood up to 7 feet in diameter and up to 20 feet in length with ease and efficiency.

The CBI Log and Stump Screw is designed to split oversized butt logs, pole wood and stumps into more manageable-sized material to be further processed into firewood, wood fuel or other value-added finished products. Splits wood up to 7 feet in diameter and up to 20 feet in length with ease and efficiency and without the need for a larger machine. Ideal for all excavators, log loaders, front-end loader/backhoes, farm tractors and skid steer units.

Pound for pound, the CBI Log Screw is one of the best log splitter options for sale on the market today. When it’s time to ramp up the speed, turn the pressure down and turn the flow up to get larger jobs done faster. The splitter’s motor is equipped with custom options to increase maximum speeds, lengthen motor lifetime, reduce pressure drops and ensure safe startups in the harshest climates. The XLP with mounting adapter and pins weighs approximately 1,500 lbs.

For smaller yards or operations without demand for a larger excavator, the XP model can match machine specifications right out of the factory, without compromising on production or efficiency. Like the larger XLP model, the XP log screw splits logs up to 70 inches in diameter and has no problem cracking logs down to smaller sizes.

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