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CRT36 Ride-On Trowel


CRT36 Ride-On Trowel

The CRT36, 36-inch, ride-on trowel line offers quality results, high productivity and operator comfort. One person can easily and simply raise and lower the integrated wheel set from one jack at the rear of machine allowing easy maneuverability around the job site. During troweling, the wheel kit does not block the operator’s line of sight.
  • Optimum maneuverability due to its balanced power-to-weight ratio.
  • Sensitive, ergonomically designed twin-lever controls reduces amount of force needed to control the unit but still provides feedback from concrete conditions for better floating and high production finishing jobs.
  • A unique variable clutch offers proper torque and speed range to match concrete conditions without mechanical adjustments.
  • Good visibility from the front and rear lights as standard – especially on dim lit and night operations.
  • Value ride-on trowel models for non US markets. The reduced features provide a lower priced option without Lights water system. Standard V-Belt drive.


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