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CRT60X Ride-On Trowel


CRT60X Ride-On Trowel

The innovative technology of the Ride-on Trowel CRT60X features a powerful hydraulic drive system optimized for delayed panning and high friction applications. The patented computer controller constantly monitors the engine speed and adjusts the hydraulic load at the same time. The power steering via joysticks enables accurate maneuvering and virtually fatigue-free working. The patented hydraulic wheel kit makes it possible to change float pans or blades easily without the need of a crane or fork lift.


  • Powerful Tier 4 final engine and heavy–duty enhanced hydraulic system provide industry leading torque
  • Large display for enhanced diagnostics and operator feedback including fuel level, engine RPM, temperature, and pressure
  • Structural forklift pockets allow user to lift the machine from either side and are integral to the structure adding strength and rigidity to the machine
  • Gyro Assist and Cruise Control for increased operator performance and ergonomics
  • High-output LED working lights increase visibility and life


Mode 1

Standard response mode. Best suited for confined areas with obstructions or high friction surfaces. The LED light illuminates when in this mode.

Mode 2

Increased response mode. Best suited for open areas, panning, or traveling at high speeds. Requires less joystick motion to steer the machine.


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