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DV Series Asphalt Compactors


DV Series Asphalt Compactors

Every road, every parking lot, every bike path — every paving job is different. CASE offers asphalt compaction solutions that meet quality requirements from residential driveways up to major highways and commercial developments. Hit density targets. Minimize voids. Roll along with peace of mind that you’re building high-quality pathways that keep the world moving forward for generations to come. From bike paths to highways, Groff Tractor has you covered.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
DV23E4,960 lbs37.4 in33.5 HP
DV23CE4,600 lbs37.4 in33.5 HP
DV26E5,490 lbs47.2 in33.5 HP
DV26CE5,170 lbs47.2 in33.5 HP
DV36E8,290 lbs51.2 in43.9 HP
DV45E10,252 lbs54.3 in43.9 HP
DV45CE9,535 lbs54.3 in43.9 HP
DV209D21,080 lbs66 in100 HP
DV209CD20,750 lbs66 in100 HP
DV210D22,930 lbs66 in100 HP
DV210CD22,440 lbs66 in100 HP


In addition to a seat that spins left or right and slides forward, the entire operator station – seat, steering console and drive lever – swivels almost 180° to reach both edges of the platform and provide operators a full view of the compacted surface, both drums and all spray bars.



Dual multi-function directional levers on either side of the seat allow for right- or left-handed operation. Automatic vibration control makes it easy to avoid surface damage from starting or stopping the machine. And if manual activation is preferred, it’s just a push of a button. Also, an adjustable speed control lets operators set a max speed so there’s no need to worry about going too fast for the frequency of the drum. The DV209D and DV210D feature a new intuitive and innovative in-steering wheel front display. This display provides all machine diagnostics for the operator to review. The operator structure is also completely redesigned to continue to offer excellent visibility to both drums while offering a comfortable and ergonomic  operating environment.

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From critical wear products to filters and fluids, we offer genuine CASE and remanufactured parts that are precisely engineered and built for your CASE equipment, providing superior compatibility and performance.

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Groff Tractor & Equipment is your single best resource for CASE service expertise. When you buy CASE equipment from us, you’re not just getting a machine – you’re getting unparalleled service and industry-leading warranties.

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Whether you’re looking for equipment protection plans, maintenance agreements or financing, our team of specialists have the knowledge and expertise to work with you to find the right combination of solutions and technology for your CASE heavy equipment needs.

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Warranty Info

CASE ProCare is standard with new equipment and offers a 3 year/3000 hour warranty as well as 3 year/2000 hour planned maintenance. CASE uses SiteWatch software to monitor when a machine will need servicing and takes care of all primary maintenance intervals which include basics like oil changes and filter replacement.

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Some construction projects are more urgent than others; that’s just the nature of the industry. At Groff Tractor & Equipment, we understand that sometimes you’ll need to access payment options quickly; that’s why we offer some of the most competitive credit and financing options in the industry for our equipment. Whether you need construction equipment, paving equipment, or specialty machinery for your next project – don’t let your finances slow you down. As your #1 source for everything under construction, Groff Tractor wants to ensure that you are able to get the equipment you need exactly when you need it.

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