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DV+ Tandem Roller


DV+ Tandem Roller

On the pivot-steered tandem rollers in the HAMM DV+ series, the Easy Drive operating concept ensures first-class ergonomics and comfort. From the fully glazed panoramic cab with optimum visibility, the driver enjoys a good view of the drum edges, the edge pressing and cutting equipment and the construction site at all times. Additional inspection windows in the cab floor also allow the driver an uninterrupted view of the drums or wheels.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
DV+ 70i VV-S17,166 lbs59.1 in74.2 HP
DV+ 70i VT-S16,747 lbs59.1 in74.2 HP
DV+ 70i VO-S17,232 lbs59.1 in74.2 HP
DV+ 70i VS-OS18,335 lbs59.1 in74.2 HP
DV+ 90i VV21,080 lbs66.1 in99.7 HP
DV+ 90i VV-S21,168 lbs66.1 in99.7 HP
DV+ 90i VT-S19,867 lbs66.1 in99.7 HP
DV+ 90i VO-S20,771 lbs66.1 in99.7 HP
DV+ 90i VS-OS22,182 lbs66.1 in99.7 HP

Precision down to the last detail

In tight curves and anywhere else where precision is paramount, the DV+ series tandem rollers are the perfect choice – for example, when compacting around curves, alongside kerbs, when rerolling or finishing up after edge pressing. Such precise work is possible because the DV+ has pivot steering with an extremely large turning angle, very large track offset and four steering modes.


Quality is also assured thanks to the split drums: the two halves of the drum go around corners at different speeds, thus guarding against the formation of cracking and bulging in the asphalt.


All vibration drums are split as standard in the DV+ series rollers. There are also models with a split oscillation drum.


Another highlight of the DV+ is the auto-reverse on all rollers with electrically adjustable seatoperating unit: it brakes and accelerates the rollers quickly, yet gently. The seat also turns automatically in the direction of travel when reversing. This is unique in the market. It produces first-class surfaces and ensures comfortable, ergonomic operation with top safety.


Easy service

To ensure fast and thorough service, HAMM uses the WIRTGEN GROUP’s service diagnostic tool WIDIAG. The interface for this system is easily accessible in the multifunction armrest. For customers wanting to exploit the benefits of efficient fleet management, the DV+ can also be equipped with the WITOS FleetView telematics system.


Low maintenance

Long maintenance intervals and few maintenance items – good indicators of mature technology. During routine service and maintenance, the DV+ series rollers stand out for their ease of access to vital points, a wide-opening engine cover and central grease points (option) for easy lubrication of the two swing bearings.


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