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Grizzly Mill Wood Grinder


Grizzly Mill Wood Grinder

Known as the heavyweight champion of the wood waste industry, the CBI Grizzly Mill is the backbone of our biomass recovery systems. It is recognized worldwide as the toughest and most productive wood hog ever built. With multiple rotor types and sizes available, it can be configured specifically as a primary, secondary or tertiary grinder for waste wood (stumps, logs, demolition debris, MSW, telephone poles and railroad ties, stringy bark, yard waste, etc.) for end-product sizes ranging from 15mm–500mm.

The Grizzly Mill comes with one of three optional extra heavy-duty, solid steel offset helix rotors with bolt-on strikers that shear material from two different directions against an anvil and grate completely eliminating uneven wear and side-loads on the rotor.


Rotor Dimensions: Diameter comes in 36″ and 48″ / Diameter comes in 914mm and 1219mm
Engine: Models range between 150hp to 1200hp / Models range between 37kW to 894kW

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