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H CompactLine Soil Compactors


H CompactLine Soil Compactors

The extremely compact HAMM H CompactLine compactors offer extremely high gradability of up to 60% and maximum ground clearance thanks to the drive provided by modern wheel motors. The three-point articulated swivel joint, combined with a very short wheelbase, ensure optimum driving and handling characteristics. The compactors in the HAMM H CompactLine are also very short, making them ideal for narrow construction sites and compaction work on rough terrain.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
H 5i11,102 lbs53.9 in74.2 hp
H 5i P11,367 lbs53.9 in74.2 hp
H 7i14,421 lbs66.1 in74.2 hp
H 7i P14,134 lbs66.1 in74.2 hp
H 7i VIO13,947 lbs66.1 in74.2 hp

Small compactors with enormous climbing ability

In the HAMM H CompactLine compactors, HAMM has achieved a splendid combination of extremely compact power train dimensions with an intelligent design and a modern, powerful drive system using wheel motors. As a result, the compactors have a very impressive climbing ability of up to 60%, exceptionally large slope angles and ample ground clearance. That is the reason why they boast such outstanding manoeuvrability – whether in confined spaces or on uneven and steep terrain.


Fit for every task

The HAMM H 5i and H 7i compactors can be configured to suit every market and task thanks to a wide choice of equipment options, for example with a ROPS cabin, air conditioning and radio system, with ROPS with or without protective roof, with various drums, with dozer blade, with the HAMM Compaction Meter, with the HCQ Navigator, with halogen or LED working lights, with telematics interface … and much more besides.


First choice for rental

Their ease of operation makes these rollers perfect rental machines because drivers can operate the small compactors correctly and do a good job right from the start. This helps to promote a safe working environment.

The clear operating concept is complemented with useful options for the rental business, such as the telematics interface, electronic battery isolation switch, automatic engine-off function, padfoot segments, special combination scrapers and a VIO drum version.


Great compaction power in confined spaces

With their compact design and short wheelbase, the HAMM H CompactLine compactors are perfect for cramped construction sites. The range of applications extends from path maintenance in landscape gardening to the compaction of trenches. In this kind of infrastructure work, the machines are able to travel even into very steep trenches in order to carry out compaction work, thanks to their remarkable climbing ability. The compactors with VIO drums are especially versatile. They are able to compact dynamically by means of oscillation, even in vibration-sensitive areas – a clear time and quality advantage.


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