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H Series Soil Compactor


H Series Soil Compactor

HAMM H series compactors are the high-performance professionals for modern earthwork with a high compaction force. The compactors really showcase their qualities off-road – the three-point articulated swivel joint and the large slope angle front and back make them extremely maneuverable whilst ensuring optimum driving stability. Modern motors with future-proof technology ensure extremely low emissions.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
H 10i23,990 lbs84.3 in113.9 hp
H 10i P26,405 lbs84.3 in113.9 hp
H 12i25,832 lbs84.3 in113.9 hp
H 12i P27,254 lbs84.3 in113.9 hp
H 13i28,356 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 13i P30,164 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 13i VIO27,805 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 13i C29,084 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 13i C P30,892 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 14i30,175 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 14i P31,984 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 16i36,228 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 16i P37,242 lbs84.3 in154.1 hp
H 18i40,605 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 18i P42,082 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 20i44,332 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 20i P45,831 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 20i C44,618 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 20i C P46,096 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 25i54,960 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H25i C P56,150 lbs84.3 in214.4 hp
H 25i VC55,698 lbs87.4 in214.4 hp

First-class visibility

The spacious working position with plenty of headroom offers a wealth of storage room. Documents can be safely locked away. What’s more, the HAMM engineers also thought to provide utility space as well as two 12 V connections for a cooler or to
charge a cell phone.


Impressive compaction power

The HAMM H series compactors rise to any challenge with outstanding compaction force. And the static linear load speaks for itself: on the H 16i for example, it’s over 280 lbs/in (50 kg/cm). This means that the compactors are ideally equipped for efficient and speedy compaction with deep penetration.


Optimum fuel consumption without loss of power

The engine output can be called up in two stages: in “maximum rpm” mode or ECO mode. In the ECO mode, the Hammtronic shows its capabilities and controls the engine speed dynamically, depending on the load requirement. The traction and vibration drives as well as all other components are operated in the optimum range at all times, according to the work situation. This is why the compactors are highly efficient and economical to use.


Everything in view

With an ingenious frame structure and a slender engine cover, drivers of the HAMM H series compactors enjoy a clear view of the ground to be compacted. The exhaust does not intrude either, being cleverly integrated into the structure in such a way as not to impede the view.



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