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HD CompactLine Tandem Roller


HD CompactLine Tandem Roller

The articulated compact rollers in the HAMM HD CompactLine, with operating weights of between 1.4 and 4.5 t, are real all-rounders for asphalt construction, earthwork and landscape gardening. Their operation is extremely easy and requires no special language skills. Moreover, the wasp-waist rollers impress on account of their optimum visibility and outstanding driving and handling characteristics attributable primarily to the three-point articulated swivel joint.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
HD 8 VV3,506 lbs31.5 in21.8 HP
HD 10C VV3,704 lbs39.4 in21.8 HP
HD 10C VT3,616 lbs39.4 in21.8 HP
HD 10 VV5,457 lbs39.4 in24.8 HP
HD 10i VV5,457 lbs39.4 in32.2 HP
HD 10 VT5,259 lbs39.4 in24.8 HP
HD 10i VT5,259 lbs39.4 in32.2 HP
HD 10 VO5,568 lbs39.4 in24.8 HP
HD 10i VO5,568 lbs39.4 in32.2 HP
HD 12 VV5,942 lbs47.2 in24.8 HP
HD 12i VV5,942 lbs47.2 in32.2 HP
HD 12 VT5,722 lbs47.2 in24.8 HP
HD 12i VT5,722 lbs47.2 in32.2 HP
HD 12 VO6,075 lbs47.2 in24.8 HP
HD 12i VO6,075 lbs47.2 in32.2 HP
HD 13i VV9,184 lbs51.2 in50.1 HP
HD 13i VT8,633 lbs51.2 in50.1 HP
HD 13i VO9,338 lbs51.2 in50.1 HP
HD 14i VV9,779 lbs54.3 in50.1 HP
HD 14i VT8,930 lbs54.3 in50.1 HP
HD 14i VO10,000 lbs54.3 in50.1 HP


HD CompactLine rollers have significantly larger drum diameters than those found on other machines in their class. High levels of compaction performance – primarily via vibration compaction – are combined with extremely low centers of gravity: depending on the model, the centrifugal force can be up to 80% greater than that of comparable machines in the same class. In addition, the three-point articulation joint ensures uniform weight distribution between the front and rear drums.



These articulated, tandem rollers are designed to cope with a wide range of terrains and surface conditions. They are able to compact both road beds and binder courses, as well as all standard and special asphalts currently used in road construction. Rollers in the 2.5 – 4 ton range (HD 10 – HD 14) are particularly suited for the compaction of open-graded asphalts. The rollers are also perfectly suited for compaction in building construction, for example within structures. Their excellent climbing ability even on steep inclines makes them ideal for operation in multi-level parking garages. Another important application is the compaction of non-cohesive surfaces such as gravel, chips or even sand in landscaping.


“Clear side”: compaction right up to the edge

The clever “clear side” design of the HD 8 and HD 10C allows for compaction right up to the edge: the drums are mounted on only one side and laterally offset by 2.2” (56 mm). No other components jut out beyond the working width. The drum offset ensures that the rollers are always maneuverable, because steering is possible at all times.


Rapid servicing

HAMM HD CompactLine rollers are quickly serviced and easy to maintain. All important servicing points of the engine and hydraulic system are arranged on one side. They are quickly and easily identified under a wide-opening engine cover and are readily accessible without the need for additional tools. The water tank drain is located at the lowest point of the machine – with easy access. The water tank and its associated circuitry can be fully drained by a simple manual operation.

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