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HP Pneumatic Tire Rollers


HP Pneumatic Tire Rollers

The HAMM HP series pneumatic tire rollers offer impressive performance in earthwork and asphalt construction across the entire line. Drivers experience a spacious and comfortable driver’s platform, available as a panoramic cab or open version. An asymmetrical frame and the clever machine design also produce excellent visibility.


TypeOperating Wgt.Drum WidthEngine Power
HP 180i18,766 lbs72 in74.2 HP
HP 280i20,959 lbs72 in113.9 HP



First-class compaction

The HAMM HP’s powerful, hydrostatic rear-axle drive combined with a sensitive control system allows the right speed to be set in every working situation. For example, the prescribed working speed can be easily set using a wheel on the control panel – this is crucial for homogenous compaction. Added to this is the intelligent drive control. It enables gentle, even acceleration and braking. This promotes even compaction and results in higher compaction quality.


Intelligent ballasting concept

In order to quickly outfit the HAMM HP with the perfect weight for each task, HAMM has developed an intelligent ballasting concept. It enables modification to a different operating weight in the user’s workshop or even on the construction site.


At the heart of it are the large ballast spaces located between the wheel sets, and an openbottom compartment frame with inserts. Loading and unloading can be carried out with minimal effort: prefabricated steel, magnetite or concrete ballast bodies are inserted and removed through the open-bottom frame using a fork-lift truck, for example. HAMM offers a range of ballast body kits of various sizes for this purpose. They enable different weights to be achieved.


There is also a model with a large ballast space (2 m³) for self-ballasting. As an option, an additional water tank with a volume of 1500 l is available for all HP series rollers. It can be used as a water reservoir and also for extra weight. The additional water tank is linked to the standard water tank via interconnecting pipework. As an option, the water tank is also available with a C-pipe connection for fast filling.


Quality thanks to even weight distribution

Because the ballast spaces are located in the centre of the machine, the weight is always evenly distributed over both axles – perfect conditions for optimum compaction quality. Here, the loads vary between 1.25 and 3.5 t per wheel.


Outstanding performances in earthwork and asphalt construction

With their large tanks and robust engineering, the HAMM HP series rollers are exceptionally productive. They always get the job done reliably and safely, even on large construction sites. The range of potential applications extends from soil  stabilization and cold recycling to landscape gardening as well as final compaction and surface sealing in asphalt construction. The tyre pressure, machine weight, additive mixing and quantity as well as the top speed can be very easily adjusted to suit the application. Diverse options are also available for equipping the driver platform to suit all climatic zones.


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