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iCON iGG2-2D, iGG3-3D & iGG4-3D


iCON iGG2-2D, iGG3-3D & iGG4-3D


The Leica iCON grader systems offer new site preparation possibilities. The system regulates the elevation and cross-slope by means of robust and high-tech sensors. The system helps you improve your productivity as well as save material costs.

The iGG2 system is easy to upgrade. Start with a height control solution using laser receivers or an ultrasonic tracer and upgrade your system on the basis of your needs. You can step from a laser-based 2D solution to a complete 3D solution with a robotic total station by just adding the iCP42 panel and the iCON robotic station.


iGG3 Application Highlights

  • Hold slope feature allows precise crown cuts and extends past breaklines when needed
  • Unique mast tilt compensation
  • With optional Steer-to-Edge by pick polyline technology


    • Maximize the potential of your motor grader for a wider range of applications with higher accuracy.
    • Run your machine in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction.
    • Increase productivity and efficiency with your grader. The dual antenna configuration enhances accuracy, resulting in less rework.
    • Difficult tasks are now easily done. Crab walk your motor grader to properly handle material windrows and precisely grade side slopes or create ditches.
    • The scalable iCON grade solution lets you expand your grader’s system as your projects grow in scope and size. You only invest in what you need.
    • PowerSnap: same panel for any functionality level on any machine supported by iCON 3D.
    • Ultimate grade control for motor graders
      To get the most out of a motor grader means using it as it is intended to be used. The Leica iGG4 for graders lets operators boost their productivity by using the latest GNSS technology to incorporate dual antenna, which calculate blade positions regardless of the way the machine itself is positioned.

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