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iCON Site Control Co-Pilot System


iCON Site Control Co-Pilot System


An easy-to-use system that allows operators to set a desired slope/grade reference, and automatically hold that slope/grade without the need for lasers, masts or GPS (regardless of underfoot conditions).

By automatically adjusting the blade position, SiteControl CoPilot enables operators at any experience level to easily achieve and maintain a smooth surface, slope or grade without the need for additional passes and re-work, reducing fuel and labor costs. Plus, operators can view real-time data on the integrated in-cab display.

Reduces the complexity of controlling multiple parameters on a dozer by automatically adjusting critical\factors, like cross slope and blade height

Ensures correct grades without washboard surfaces or incorrect cross slope of the blade.

Provides accurate results even when working without a rotating laser, total station or GPS correction source

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