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iCONtrol Field Hardware

iCONtrol makes it even easier for you to leverage the entire range of intelligent, tailor-made iCON products. iCONtrol solutions communicate seamlessly with the iCONstruct sensors and iCON office to provide you with a smooth workflow and increase your productivity on site.


Expand your possibilities with iCONnect services for remote support, easy data transfer and fleet management services. Whatever you need, CASE SiteControl from Groff Tractor has the solution for enhancing your workflow. iCON excavate iXE2 2D Excavating solution Full 2D functionality presented on multicolor panel. Simple and intuitive user interface which provides ease-of-use.


iCON grade iGx2 2D Grading solution Easy monitoring of the blade position. Main function keys for easy operation.

iCON excavate MCP80 3D Excavating solution Full visual guidance of the bucket – see the job as you want. Menu keys give the operator an easy overview of functions.

iCON grade MCP80 3D Grading solution Fully customizable 3D views of your machine and job site. Auto/manual information is presented on the screen.

iCONtrol PowerSnap concept Unique patented Snap-on & Snap-off capability. Contact free. Intelligent storage of machine data.

MCP80 – 3D solution Combines full 2D with full 3D in ONE panel. Toggle between 2D and 3D by a simple touch of a button. Presented on a 7-inch large graphic color touch screen.


Excavator SystemsDozer SystemsMotor Grader SystemsWheel Loader SystemsBox Blade SystemsCompaction Systems


1D, 2D and 3D Excavating Systems.



iXE1, 1D Excavating System

With the single slope system from CASE SiteControl you do not need to use a laser. The cutting depth is directly presented on the control box display in the cabin.


The 1D excavator system uses three inclinometer sensors mounted on the boom, stick and bucket. The sensor on the stick also has a built-in laser receiver.


The system is reset by means of a laser plane or a physically defined reference height, e.g. a grade bar or curb stone height. The desired depth and slope are entered into the control box.


With this system, you only work with a one-direction slope. The arrows on the display will indicate whether you are too low, too high or “on-grade”. This information is also given by means of an audible signal, while the LED screen also displays the level in metric units or US feet.



iXE2, 2D Excavating System

Our dual-slope system combines the depth, pitch and roll – giving you a complete picture of the excavation works.


iXE2 is suitable for small road excavation jobs, drainage work or parking lot excavations.


An additional rotation sensor on the counterweight upgrades the system to a dual-slope capability. The 2D function uses a compass to fix the slope direction. This means that you can move the machine without the system losing the direction.


The dual-slope system contains two sensors that record the pitch and roll and compensate for the tilt of the machine.


The machine can thus stand at an inclined position and still carry out leveling work around the entire machine iCON excavate



MCP80, 3D Excavating System

With the 3D system from CASE SiteControl, you will work with high precision GPS and be able to monitor the excavation position by means of a digital model.


The MCP80 enables you to use the excavator for point collection and stake out activities.


MCP80 is suitable for projects requiring staking out, e.g. large road and infrastructure projects and subdivisions, industrial sites or dereliction works.


Connect the machine computer via the built-in GSM modem to get quick support and transfers files.


Our 3D system enables you to take the last step towards machine control. Your efficiency rate will improve by up to 30% making it easy to gain return on the investment.


Remote Site Machine Access

The iCON telematics services include fast and easy data transfer from office to site and to construction machines,
remote support for the operators and basic fleet management functionality.


COMPLETE 2D and 3D solutions for all large earth moving projects.



iGD2, 2D Dozer System

Fully automatic blade control


The automatic tilt function allows you to be in permanent control over the dozer blade.


Blade Tilt Sensor

The MSS130x inclinometer sensor is mounted on the machine to detect the tilt of the blade.


The laser receivers have a capture angle of 360 degrees. The MLS720 laser receiver is mounted on the mast for obtaining height. iGD2 can be installed with either single or dual laser receivers.


SP Technology opens new opportunities for grading with your dozer. It brings unmatched speed and precision to
your jobsite. Now SP Technology is available for use with GPS and total station based machine control systems, enabling increased productivity in any environment.



SiteControl CoPilot System

CASE’s all-new SiteControl CoPilot is an easy-to-use system that allows operators to set a desired slope/grade reference, and automatically holds that slope/grade without the need for lasers, masts or GPS (regardless of underfoot conditions). By automatically adjusting the blade position, CoPilot enables operators at any experience level to easily achieve and maintain a smooth surface, slope or grade without the need for additional passes and re-work, reducing fuel and labor costs. Plus, operators can view real-time data on the integrated in-cab display.


While SiteControl CoPilot provides many 2D system benefits without the need for masts, base stations or lasers, it can also be used as a building block for 2D and 3D system upgrades as your equipment needs evolve. This system functionality can also be added to existing 2D and 3D machine control systems, and is compatible with existing 2D and 3D displays. CoPilot is available on 1150M, 1650M and 2050M M Series dozers through CASE Certified Precision  Solution Dealers.



MCP80, 3D Dozer System


Efficient grading using 3D design information

A customer can purchase an entry level GNSS system, MCP80 and then add additional components to the system as their projects dictate growing their system to a state-of-the art MCP80SP dozer system.


The MCP80 3D dozer system opens new dimensions in earthmoving and fine grading. It brings the design surfaces and alignments inside the cab. You are no longer dependent on stringlines, stakes or hubs. Work independently, and accurately, anywhere on the project design guided by GNSS system or iCON robot, a unique robotic total station.


On-Cab Control for Dozers

The advantage of this new configuration is that there are no longer external masts and cables on the blade other than the dual GNSS antennas installation on the roof. This is highly advantageous when working near tree canopies where branches can possibly damage the equipment, and it makes the antennae less vulnerable during transportation of the dozer. Furthermore, the view of the operator is no longer obstructed by the masts in front of the machine.


It also offers a safer working environment because the machine operator will not have to climb on the dozer’s blade to mount the antennas. By adding this license, all current machines on the market with iGD4SP can have the flexibility of moving the antennas from the blade to the roof and back to the blade if the customer requires it.



MCP80SP, 3D Dozer System


Multiply your dozer’s performance by the power of SP!

Combining SP Technology with a dual GNSS antenna solution allows the customer to operate their machine at full speed, while the blade is angled to efficiently control material from pass to pass.

MCP80SP Application Features:


  • Hold slope feature allowing precise crown cuts and extending past break lines when needed
  • Steer-to-Edge by pick polyline technology allows operators to hold specific guidelines within a model


Dual GNSS Configuration

MCP80SP is ideal for customers who have a six way (PAT) blade mounted on their bulldozer. Having a second GNSS antenna on the blade will improve the accuracies you can achieve when working in very demanding environments such as steep slopes with the blade fully angled.


Automatic elevation and slope control with our 2D and 3D systems.



iGG2, 2D Grader System


Fully automatic blade control

The iCON grader systems offer new site preparation possibilities. The system regulates the elevation and cross-slope by means of robust and high-tech sensors. The system helps you improve your productivity as well as save material costs.


The iGG2 system is easy to upgrade. Start with a height control solution using laser receivers or an ultrasonic tracer and upgrade your system on the basis of your needs. You can step from a laser-based 2D solution to a complete 3D solution with a robotic total station by just adding the iCP42 panel and the iCON robotic station.

Our Machine Control Displays

CASE SiteControl offers both 2D and 3D solutions. With our unique PowerSnap system, one single 3D display can be used on your dozers, graders, excavators, and wheel loaders. This allows you to spread your investment across more machines and obtain a mixed fleet that you can use for many different tasks.



MCP80, 3D Grader System with Optional Side Shift Technology


MCP80 Application Features

  • Hold slope feature allowing precise crown cuts and extending past breaklines when needed
  • Unique mast tilt compensation
  • With optional Steer-to-Edge by pick polyline technology


Ultimate grade control for motor graders

To get the most out of a motor grader means using it as it is intended to be used. The MCP80 for graders lets operators boost their productivity by using the latest GNSS technology to incorporate dual antenna, which calculate blade positions regardless of the way the machine itself is positioned.



  • Maximize the potential of your motor grader for a wider range of applications with higher accuracy
  • Run your machine in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with your grader. The dual antenna configuration enhances accuracy, resulting in less rework
  • Difficult tasks are now easily done. Crab walk your motor grader to properly handle material windrows and precisely grade side slopes or create ditches
  • The scalable iCON grade solution lets you expand your grader’s system as your projects grow in scope and size. You only invest in what you need
  • Talk to docking station: same panel for any functionality level on any machine supported by iCON 3D


System Components

Dual GNSS grading solution – Precision and high productivity in any application.

The dual antenna configuration for motor graders offers clear advantages over single mast GNSS solutions. Regardless of how the machine is positioned, the blade is calculated accurately, allowing you to grade precisely and efficiently. Featuring the latest GNSS technology with the iCON gps 80 receiver, the iCON grade iGG4 system ensures fast and reliable grading in any application.


iCON grade MCP80 allows you to finish your jobs quicker and more efficiently saving time, money and wear and tear on your machine.


PowerSnap – Providing a new level of flexibility and user convenience

  • System is up and running in no time
  • Rapid interchange of control panels between machines, giving you extra flexibility on site
  • One PowerSnap cradle for all iCON excavate and iCON grade panels
  • Easy removal of core components for overnight security
  • Contact and cable free connection to control panel
  • Safety shut down feature protects system and data
  • Unique patented Snap on/Snap off capability



Increase efficiency in earthworks.



MCP80, 3D Wheel Loader System, Swift Accurate Leveling in Soft Material


Experience the unique benefits of iCON grade machine control now in your wheel loader! Get your earthworks jobs done faster and right the first time. Save time and money by reducing rework and eliminating over excavation and grade checking.


With CASE SiteControl’s control system for wheel loaders, you know the bucket position at any time. The system uses 3D design (CAD) models and state-of-the-art GPS/GNSS technology to guide the operator.


Design information and real-time cut/fill indications are displayed in the cab for fast, accurate operation, increasing your precision and productivity from day one.



The iCON measuring equipment fits seamlessly into your machine control system and the file formats used are supported worldwide. The iCON gps systems will help improve your productivity and precision right from the start.


Complete your system with iCON 3D, the software that allows you to create terrain models directly on the screen. A function that gives you great on-site freedom.


Add accuracy and real-time corrections with 3D design models and GPS/GNSS technology, guiding operators for instant adjustments in the position of bucket/edges/blades.


View exact elevation of the bucket/edge in real-time.


Achieve/maintain design grade accurately and efficiently.



Automatic elevation and slope control.



iGSS2, 2D Skid Steer System, Fully Automatic Attachment Control


iCON grade for skid steers is the ultimate tool for box blades.
This flexible system can be used for push blades mounted to skid steer and compact track loaders, or box blades mounted to tractor loaders.


Single or dual laser configurations allow for height control only or height plus cross slope, giving you the ability to configure your system as the job dictates. Expand your system by adding the iCP42 and associated GNSS accessories and you have full 3D capability on your skid steer!


The multi-switch can be mounted inside the skid steer cab, allowing the operator to remotely override the hydraulics on the attachment for raising and lowering at the end of a run.


The laser receivers have a capture angle of 360 degrees. The MLS800 has an adjustable center point for height adjustments made from the control box.


The MLS720 is a laser receiver with a 360 degree range.



Increased efficiency for soil rollers.



MCP80, 3D Roller System


Achieve higher quality in soil compaction
iCON roller solution ensures the long lasting quality of an infrastructure or building. Small quality deviations could have cost-intensive consequences if the compacted ground in each layer is not suitable for the required load. Achieve smooth compaction results every time for a long lasting foundation.


iCON roller makes the compaction work for the roller operator and the contractor easier and at lower costs, helping to achieve higher compaction quality with lower risks for any kind of deformations or cracks.



  • Easily retrofittable for any roller specification
  • GNSS positioning up to 2 cm accuracy in position
  • Colored visualization of pass count mapping on screen
  • Speed monitoring and warning for constant compaction progress
  • Wireless data transfer for real-time monitoring of progress
  • Job reports for quality control or payment release


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