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iCON Robot 50 & Robot 60


iCON Robot 50 & Robot 60

Leica iCON robot 50 / robot 60

Robotic total stations for one-person operation
Save time and increase your productivity by doing layout
work and as-build checks yourself. With Leica iCON robot 50
/robot 60 you don’t need an operator at the instrument.
The robotic total stations can be operated from the field
controller at the prism pole, at the point you need positioning.
Leica iCON robot 50 / robot 60 are designed specifically for
ease-of-use within the construction industry, simply level the
instrument and go! With the iCONstruct software, you can use it
for a wide range of measuring and positioning tasks on site.
• Most accurate reflectorless measurements in its class
• One-button keyboard for simple operation
• PowerSearch (patented search technology)
• Superior tracking performance
• Flexible data communication: WLAN (150m range) or
long-range Bluetooth® (350m), simply upgrade your
communication by swapping the instrument handle
• Electronic Guide Light (EGL) assisting the operator with
the prism targeting
• Easy hand-over control from rover to machine control
and vice versa
• Wide range of applications
• Operates seamlessly with all Leica iCON sensors
Leica iCON robot 60 – built with a focus on
construction workers.
• Minimized training and support by using the same clear
menus and graphics found on all iCON devices
• Designed for optimised workflows, allowing foremen and site
supervisors to complete routines faster and simplifying a
variety of tasks
• Fully supports the iCONstruct telematics option which
connects BIM operators with their team in the field
• Setup Pilot – world’s first fully automatic setup
measurement method
• Cube Search – boosts prism search to a maximum
• Target Snap – ignores other prisms, just locks to yours
• ATACK support for PaveSmart 3D

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