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RC50 Single Drum Soil Compactor


RC50 Single Drum Soil Compactor

The RC50 single drum soil compactor offers optimum compaction results with excellent maneuverability, gradeability and stability. The compact design provides for an excellent view of the work area and drum from the operator’s seat. The spacious operator platform is isolated from vibration for comfortable operation. It also features plenty of legroom and simple operation via an intuitively designed display and joystick. The RC soil compactors are ideal for commercial and residential projects, secondary roads and parking lots.


  • Three-point articulated pendulum joint provides for even weight distribution and consistent compaction, even when navigating curves and uneven ground conditions
  • Rear wheels are driven by independent motors resulting in excellent ground clearance
  • Quick and easy maintenance with all access points located on one side of the machine
  • Excellent traction in a variety of conditions, enhancing productivity and safety
  • Models offered with either smooth drum for compaction of granular materials or padfoot drum for effective compaction of cohesive soils such as clay


Two types of drums:
Available with a smooth drum or padfoot drum

Single drum soil compactors with a smooth drum – RC50

Single drum soil compactors with a padfoot drum – RC50p


Master up to a 60% gradient

thanks to the wheel motors.

  • Drive system via hydraulic wheel motors
  • Distribution of the torque to the front and rear axle depending on the requirements
  • Efficient compaction on slopes


Compaction through vibration

Vibration for deep compaction

RC50 and RC50p



  • The RC50 is equipped with diamond tread tires as a standard.
  • The diamond tread ensures an optimal weight distribution across the entire surface of the tire.
  • The result: No more deep tire imprints in recently compacted asphalt.


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