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TWH 216 Waste Handler


TWH 216 Waste Handler

The TWH 215 waste handler is a compact, maneuverable and powerful solution for those in search of waste handling equipment that does not compromise performance, efficiency or reliability. The TWH 215 has a reach of 8.8 meters and an operating weight of 15 tonnes (16 US tons).

The high-performance 85 kW (114 hp) turbo diesel engine moves even heavier loads quickly and precisely. Thanks to its sensitive hydraulics and rock-solid mechanics, maneuvers can be carried out smoothly and effortlessly. The diesel particle filter (DPF) fitted as standard is state of the art and provides a significantly improved working environment, which benefits both on-site personnel as well as the environment. The optional cooling system with two physically-separated radiators aids in moderating and maintaining the operating temperature even when the machine is in sustained use.

Robustness does not necessarily have to do with size as the TWH 216 is both compact and agile. Offering greater mobility and flexibility it is the uncompromising response to the ever increasing demands of the recycling industry. Thanks to a wide variety of options the TWH 216 can be perfectly adapted for any task. With a viewing level of 5.2 m a clear path of vision is available even when feeding shredders.

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