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TWT 500 Windrow Turner Conveyor


TWT 500 Windrow Turner Conveyor

The TWT 500 raises turning to a new level and is the ideal windrow turner for operators
who want to turn great volumes of material quickly in confined spaces.

With air-conditioned cabin, auxiliary cooling and protective ventilation the TWT 500
is perfect for indoor operation with high ambient temperatures. The full rotor allows
windrows to be processed against walls and the high windrows allow a greater
volume of material to be packed within the shed. Unlike conventional tunnel machines
no travel paths are required, due to the design of the TWT 500 windrows can be
processed closer together reducing the yard space required.

Scooping gently instead of milling, the TWT 500 ensures that the coarse-grained
structure of the material is retained, and as a result more oxygen can get in. The
patented inline system with stacking side conveyor ensures maximum material mixing,
aeration and loosening, giving up to 20% shorter rotting times.

And most importantly, the TWT 500 can easily process overlapping windrows resulting
in up to 30% space saving.

Key Features:
Ideal for indoor application due to auxiliary cooling and air-conditioned cabin
with protective ventilation
Turning capacity up to 2,800 m3
per hour; windrows of up to 3 m in height and 5
m in width can be processed optimally
Up to 30 % space saving due to overlapping windrows and materials
Patented ECO system for better mixing, aeration and loosening of the material;
up to 20 % shorter rotting times save fuel, time and operating costs
Side stacking conveyor which can discharge to the left or right (option)
A simple, robust, low-maintenance system

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