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VF 600 Extending Screed


VF 600 Extending Screed

The VF 600 featuring extending units mounted in front of the basic screed was designed especially for combining with the SUPER 2000-3(i) and SUPER 2003-3(i) Highway Class pavers, which work at high pave speeds and in widely varying pave widths. The screed‘s sturdy, smoothly sliding telescoping system guarantees precise paving in all widths.


Furthermore, the screed handles numerous pavement profiles, including crown and slopes. Berm is also available as an option.


The compact design gives the paver operator a perfect view in all directions.

  • Maximum paving width 7.75m.
  • Basic paving range 3.05m to 5.95m.
  • Compacting system V (vibration)
  • Smooth, robust telescoping system for precise operation at all widths.
  • Capable of many screed profiles with crown and sloping extensions.
    Berm is available as an option.
  • Sloping extension up to 10%.
  • Innovative electric screed heating.
  • Easy-to-use ErgoPlus operating system.
  • Compact design allows for great visibility to all areas.
  • Ideal tool for multivariable width applications and mainline paving.


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