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VR 600 Extending Screed


VR 600 Extending Screed

The VR 600 Extending Screed is tailored to meet the demands of the US and Australian markets. As on the screeds for the SUPER series of VĂ–GELE pavers, the extending units of the VR 600 are located behind the basic screed. The extending units have a special design allowing to produce a pavement profile with a slope of up to 10% towards the edge of the road.


Together with the 10-foot SUPER 2000-3(i) and SUPER 2003-3(i) pavers, the robust screed is particularly suitable for extremely precise high-speed paving on motorways up to 8.6m wide.

  • Large dimensioned, sturdy telescoping tubes featuring high-precision operation. They provide for excellent stability of the screed, ensuring great paving results.
  • Telescoping tubes are located in a high position avoiding any contact with the mix.
  • Even with the screed set to its maximum width, the telescoping tubes are extended by no more than half for zero flexing.
  • Deep screed plate design provides excellent floatation.


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