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XAS 900 Compressor


XAS 900 Compressor

The Atlas Copco XAVS 650 JD8 & XAS 900 JD8 air compressor are truly the most versatile in their class with variable flow and pressure setting as standard features. Increasing the versatility creates a machine that is ready for a wider range of applications, in turn increasing your return on investment.

Servicing through large oversized gullwing doors provides quick access to components,including the air end, engine maintenance and electrical components. Drains for water and oil are easy to reach and are plumbed outside of the containment basin for draining. With 500 hour service intervals on the engine and 1000 hour on the compressor this machine will be the workhorse of your fleet.

Atlas Copco’s PFF system ensures cool, clean and dry air. The PFF system is plumbed through a secondary outlet which provides the ability for isolation of the hoses and hardware. PFF comes standard with a three way valve that the operator can select various air quality levels and optimal cold weather configuration.

The John Deere 6068 Tier 4 Final engine is mounted with an Atlas Copco C146 air element. The single stage C146 element is one of the most efficient screw compressor designs on the market today. This translates to less energy loss in the system and equates to lower fuel consumption per CFM.

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