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XAVS 650 Compressor


XAVS 650 Compressor

Need Air? The Atlas Copco XAVS 650 JD8 & XAS 900 JD8
air compressor are truly the most versatile in their class
with variable ow and pressure setting as standard features. Increasing the versatility creates a machine that is ready for a wider range of applications, in turn increasing your return on investment.

The Xc2003 controller has a full color LCD screen that displays all the necessary information to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. The regulation system utilizes a single pneumatic regulator which the operator can easily dial in the desired pressure, and the controller will automatically adjust the output to deliver the ow while still maintaining industry leading fuel efficiency.

The variable pressure and ow on these two models make
them a t for a wide range of applications. The XAVS650 JD8 has a higher operating pressure allowing for up to 250psi. The combined features of the higher pressure and small foot print will open drilling of smaller diameter holes in applications such as geothermal and directional drilling.

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