Winter Rebuilds

On pavers and milling machines

  • Avoid downtime during the road maintenance season
  • Any brand, any model
  • Completed by certified technicians
  • Rebuilt to OEM specifications
Complete Machine Rebuilds

Groff Tractor offers rebuilds for road maintenance equipment, including pavers and milling machines. Our certified technicians completely disassemble the machine to the frame and reassemble it. OEM remanufactured components are installed if engines, drivetrains, or hydraulic systems require replacement. Hydraulic components and hoses are replaced.

The Rebuild Process
  1. Disassemble all machine components
  2. Complete structural repairs
  3. Clean the necessary components
  4. Paint
  5. Complete further repairs
      - Disassemble the engine
      - Replace all bearings
      - Replace brake discs
      - Assemble the engine
      - Complete functional tests
    Electrical panel and remote control
      - Check all contacts and replace defective ones
      - Verify and retighten remaining components and wiring
      - Check and replace defective electrical wiring
  6. Reassemble all components
  7. Power and test the functionality of the machine