Terramac Tips

Ten Tips to Get the Most out of Your Terramac® Crawler Carrier


    1. Learn your indicators—The lights on your dashboard aren’t just decorations. They alert you about important operation, system, and engine conditions. Review the manual prior to operation to learn what each indicator light means.
  1. Keep your machine clean—Use compressed air to clean the radiator, hydraulic, and charge air coolers as often as possible. This procedure will prevent your cooling systems from clogging and your machine from overheating.
  2. Don’t slow down—Automatic downshifting will engage while you’re turning and return to high speed once the turn is complete. Practice using this feature to become familiar with its capabilities, and take advantage of the benefits.
  3. Regular maintenance is a must—Keep your RT9 crawler carrier running like new by regularly checking the fluids, inspecting for visual issues, and clearing the unit of debris. Keeping to a proper maintenance schedule will save you time and money over the life of your machine and improve resale value.
  4. Fill up before you run out—Waiting until the gas tank is almost empty to refuel can cause a crank no start condition. It is best to avoid this situation by filling up your tank before it gets low. If you do happen to wait too long to fill up, use the primer pumper located on the fuel housing after refueling, and your crawler carrier should be back up and running.
  5. Easy service—Terramac crawler carriers are built with tilt hoods for accessible engine maintenance, a doghouse for quick fluid checks, and sight levels and restriction gauges to avoid overfilling on fluids. Check your service manual for maintenance recommendations.
  6. Know your limits—Specified operating angle limits are put in place to protect your machine and keep it running. Pushing any machine past its specified limits increases the likelihood of unexpected maintenance or service. While Terramac machines are designed for use on a variety of rough terrains, knowing their angle limits will help you get the most from your equipment.
  7. Track tension is not your friend—Track overtension causes unnecessary wear and tear on your machine and will increase the operation costs over its lifetime. Be sure to follow proper tension procedure and track sag before using your machine.
  8. Read the manual—As tempting as it is to put your Terramac to work right away, the manual contains important information that will maximize your crawler carrier’s life. Take the time to learn your manual and to understand your machine’s capabilities before using it.
  9. Help is never far away—When you need help or have a question, Groff Tractor is ready to give you a hand. Call your nearest location for more information and to get the most out of your machine.


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