Time Management Tips

A project’s success often comes down to how well you use your time. Meet your mark and build your reputation by following these time management best practices.


Set Goals

This sounds obvious, but setting long term, short term, and daily goals puts the entire project in perspective, giving it structure while helping set a time frame for what should be done when.

Divide and Conquer

Breaking larger projects into smaller tasks will help you decide what materials, tools, and other resources are needed and where.

Make Lists

We all have a lot going on in our minds. Free your mind for the job at hand by letting “to do” lists do the remembering for you. Plus, the satisfaction of scratching tasks off the list will give you a quick hit of motivation.


Along these lines, deciding what needs to be done first and what can be completed later will help you finish the most important tasks first. This means deciding what’s urgent versus what’s important and what should then be done first.


Your resources include your team. Make sure you’re using them wisely, and free up your own time by assigning everyone an appropriate task.

Keep Track of Time

It’s easy to lose track of minutes and hours on the site. One way to make sure you’re using your time wisely is to set countdown timers to remind yourself how much time has passed.

Review Progress

Take stock of how far you’ve come at the end of each day and week. This process will let you see where you’re lagging and where you’re excelling, keeping you on top of your tasks so that you’re not constantly playing catchup.


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