Loose pipes and water leaks are easy fixes, with screws, gauge tapes, and hammers just waiting inside the toolbox. In instances that you do not have the proper tool, a quick trip to the nearest hardware store will surely fix most issues.

But to get a job done requiring heavy equipment, you may not always have the right tool in your toolbox. Sure, you can purchase what you need. In some situation purchasing heavy equipment may make sense. Small businesses or independent contractors may find that the best option is to rent equipment. This is also a great route if the tool is too big to fit in your toolbox. Think, backhoe, excavator, or tractor.

Renting heavy equipment is a great option for many small businesses. Here are some reasons why:

1. For Short-Term Use

Imagine buying a tractor to load your scraps, and after clearing all the possible mess, you dump it into storage to rust since you no longer need it. It is obviously impractical for a  business to purchase heavy equipment for one-time use. Apart from wasted funds, there is no urgency if it won’t be used again or frequently. The best solution if you don’t need heavy equipment on a regular basis is to rent it at a much lower price.

2. No Need for Repairs

If you’ve already had to stretch your dollars to purchase large construction equipment, will it leave you in the hole should the equipment suffer a breakdown? When you rent heavy equipment, most repair and maintenance costs don’t fall to you.

3. No Downtime

Renting heavy equipment to perform work also leads to shorter downtimes. For example, the equipment you own breaks down for some reason. This left you waiting while it goes in for service and repairs. This won’t be the case for rented equipment, as rental service companies provide another machine if your equipment breaks down.

4. Regulation Compliance

Certain locations with strict environmental restrictions only allow equipment that has passed specific emissions criteria and guidelines. With obsolete and traditional equipment becoming a point of concern, updating them is highly encouraged and necessary. However, heavy equipment upgrades can be heavy on the wallet, which makes renting more convenient and budget friendly.

5. Budget Restrictions

Rental is certainly a simple decision if you don’t have the funds in your budget to purchase heavy equipemnt. Aside from the practicality that comes with renting, there is no immediate need to stretch your funds to ensure the job gets done.

Rent Heavy Equipment at Groff Tractor

There are plenty of advantages to owning heavy equipment. It comes in handy, knowing that you have it at your disposal. You can keep it safe after use until you require its use again. But if the need to own is not urgent, renting is an excellent option.

Torn between owning and renting large construction equipment? Make a better decision and contact Groff Tractor and Equipment, a heavy equipment rental company in Pennsylvania that helps you get the job done, large or small. Contact us for sales, rental, and other services!