If you’re in the market for buying construction machinery, there’s one brand that stands out and has endured the times. Takeuchi introduced their first compact excavator in 1971 and has since then produced thousands of top-of-the-line hydraulic excavators. The company continues to provide products that meet the needs of contractors.

What exactly does Takeuchi’s line of construction machinery have that other brands don’t? Let’s explore some of the reasons why buying a Takeuchi excavator is a worthwhile investment.

1. Jobsite Versatility

While Takeuchi excavators have been known for creating trenches and site grading, their equipment line offers a lot of versatility, allowing them to be used in other applications as well. Takeuchi excavators can also be used for hauling materials, removing brush, demolition, mining, and snow removal. Another unique feature of their excavation equipment is its ability to turn 360 degrees during operation. This is because of their amazing hydraulic excavator chassis design that’s built on top of the undercarriage.

2. Powerful Hydraulics System

Takeuchi excavators also come with a pressurized hydraulic fluid system that allows them to deliver remarkable versatility and performance. Other equipment like power shovels relies mostly on cables, winches, and steel ropes for digging. On the other hand, a Takeuchi excavator utilizes the state-of-the-art hydraulics system for robust and versatile movement.

3. Environmentally Sustainable

The Takeuchi brand of construction machinery is known for its stringent quality standards, which is why their machines last longer. Every excavator on their line carries an EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant engine. This type of engine is designed to be fitted with low-maintenance exhaust after-treatment systems (EAT), which enables them to meet EPA Tier 4 Final requirements.

To adhere to the new EPA requirements, Tier 4 diesel engines are required:

– To cut particulate matter (PM) emissions by 90%, which is composed primarily of carbon soot and other combustion by-products.

– To cut oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 45%, which is composed of nitrogen and oxygen.

These standards allow powerful turbo-charged engines to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable than older machines constructed before 2004.

4. Interchangeable Attachments

Takeuchi excavators offer more value because of their ability to use a wide range of interchangeable attachments that provide flexibility in handling different kinds of jobs. If you have a project that requires a lot of digging, having a Takeuchi excavator with various bucket attachments lets you use it as a multifunctional digger. Attachments come in many forms and sizes, all compatible with a Takeuchi excavator. Some of those attachments include:

– Augers for drilling holes in the ground

– Thumbs for hooking and lifting heavy loads

– Hydraulic hammers for demolishing rocks and concrete pavement

A Low-Cost Investment for a Takeuchi Excavator

A machine that offers a level of versatility that’s unparalleled while maintaining good build quality makes Takeuchi excavators a worthwhile investment. It’s almost like buying five different heavy construction equipment for the price of one. While Takeuchi excavators are built to last for years, you’ll also find this line of equipment to have easier serviceability and parts replacement should you need to have it serviced.

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