Your Guide to Buying the Best Wheel Loader Bucket

If someone asked you for the one machine typically used to move material on a job site, what comes to mind? For many contractors, it’s the wheel loader. This versatile and powerful machine is a powerhouse on many worksites. Depending on the attachment, wheel loaders can perform tasks such as scooping, lifting, dumping, or scraping.

That being said, the bucket is the shining star of the wheel loader. Wheel loader buckets come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s vital to research the proper style to complete your construction projects quickly and successfully. When purchasing a wheel loader bucket, spend some time considering your needs to ensure you pick the right one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wheel Loader Bucket:

1. The Type

There are many types of buckets available for purchase; the general-purpose bucket, light material bucket, rock bucket, grapple bucket, multipurpose bucket, forklift, and more. As you may have guessed, these buckets offer different results and are used for specific purposes. More often than not, you might need to purchase different types of buckets to complete different stages of your construction project.

2. The Material

Another factor to consider when purchasing a wheel loader bucket is the type of material you will frequently be moving. Typically, heavy and high-density material will require a heavy, more compact bucket with strong edges. Carry your lighter materials with a wider and taller bucket. Keep in mind the wheel loader itself can only hold so much weight, so consider the limitations of your existing equipment when choosing a bucket.

3. The Condition

Wheel Loader Buckets can be purchased used or brand new. Regardless, knowing where your bucket is coming from is the most important factor to consider. You will only want to obtain buckets from a reputable company like Groff Tractor that meets standards in both materials and processes.

4. The Other Elements

Once you choose the type of buckets that you need for your wheel loader, consider your specific elements. For example, look at whether the bucket has teeth or a straight, cutting edge. Also, look at whether the edges are welded on the bucket or bolted on. These factors all affect the bucket’s performance. Generally, if you want something that maximizes efficiency, look for well-designed teeth. However, if you want something versatile, go for a removable edge so that you can swap it out accordingly.

Interested in Buying Wheel Loader Buckets?

After reading this guide, you should have a much better understanding of purchasing the right bucket for your wheel loaders. Never rush the process of picking a bucket, and also understand that you might need to invest in multiple buckets for different use cases. Also, only ever buy from a reputable manufacturer like Groff Tractor.

Groff Tractor is Pennsylvania’s premier multi-OEM heavy new and used construction equipment solutions provider. If you are looking for construction equipment parts for your wheel loaders and more, check out what we have in store.

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