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John Deere equipment comes with technology built in, giving you the digital tools to connect remotely to your machine. Anytime. Anywhere. John Deere Operation Center links you to your fleet, and to your partners. You have the digital tools to plan, monitor, and analyze machine performance, reducing downtime, lowering operating costs, and increasing productivity.

Data compiled from years of research flows through John Deere’s Machine Health Monitoring Center. This technology can sense potential issues and trends and immediately alerts our dealership. You can feel confident that the team of Machine Monitoring Specialist at Groff Tractor are your extra set of eyes on your machine. Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive!

Why Should You Utilize Connected Support?

Help arrives before downtime does. Technologies like JDLink™ collect vital information from every piece of equipment in your fleet. Review idle times, fuel consumption rates, fluid analyses, engine health and more, leveraging this information to make changes and repairs that keep costs low and productivity high. High-performance machinery diagnostic services offer unique advantages, such as:

  • Improved uptime: Identify trouble codes and perform timely repairs before problems become more serious. This capability will help you keep your tools running at peak conditions around the clock.
  • Expert support: Share collected data and trouble codes with Groff Tractor to easily identify potential issues. We can provide remote support or visit your work site with the right tools and parts.
  • Decreased expenses: Save more of your hard-earned cash by making changes that optimize your cost-effectiveness. Ensure machines are healthy, reduce the risk of long delays and eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption to improve profits and keep your projects moving forward.

How Does it Work?

Keep your most important equipment in working order using machine health monitoring technology. These tools send data to an all-inclusive Machine Health Monitoring Center to gather, organize and display critical machine information. Groff Tractor can connect to this data stream to read and clear codes and analyze your fleet’s performance to obtain a full picture of your operation.

We’ll receive real-time alerts regarding potential issues through telematics and alert management tools. This data facilitates quick reactions, enabling our specialists to formulate a solid plan of action to keep your equipment running smoothly. We’ll even have the data we need to predict trends and develop custom maintenance and repair procedures fitting your needs. Enjoy a hands-free approach when you leave it to the experts and focus on helping your business grow.

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Partner With Groff Tractor & Equipment for Dependable Machinery Health Assessments

Trust Groff Tractor & Equipment to deliver expert machine health monitoring services. We’ve been a construction equipment dealer in Pennsylvania for 65 years, giving professionals the products and services they need to succeed. We strive to leverage equipment health monitoring systems like the JDLink from John Deere. Our service technicians undergo thorough training and certification to know how to handle numerous challenges that may come your way. They’re extremely experienced in providing services that optimize your uptime, helping you tackle more projects faster than ever.

Interested in working with the Groff Tractor & Equipment team? Contact us online to learn more about our machinery diagnostic services and get started today.

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