Trench & Bedding Boxes

Trench Safety Equipment Sized for Your Jobsite

Production safety is extremely important because it keeps workers safe, promotes a culture of being alert to risks, and preserves excavation sites.

Kundel Industries is a bedding box and trench box manufacturer located northeast Ohio. Their family-based business focuses on providing customers with the best possible production safety system solutions and products for their jobsite.

Kundel John Deere
Kundel Mainline Trench Box

Mainline Trench Boxes

Kundel’s mainline trench boxes have a strong, all-steel, solid-welded design that has been specially engineered to give extreme strength where it’s needed – without all the extra weight. These shields rely on real world engineering and thick, reinforced formed steel for unwavering toughness in the trench. These trench boxes are perfect for doing mainline work.

Kundel Utility Trench Box

Utility Shield Trench Boxes

Durability meets lightness and versatility. Our Utility Shields are versatile – capable of handling a variety of applications, including manholes, spot repairs and mainline work.

Manhole Trench Boxes

An all-steel trench shield designed for total manhole protection. Kundel Manhole Shields are the first of their kind to offer on the job benefits, such shelving to give you a staging area for pipe dope and laser targets. The shelving also gives you a place to support scaffolding for building structures in the trench. These innovative design features enhance trench safety and the production process, protecting your investment.

Kundel Specialty Trench Boxes

Specialty Trench Boxes

Kundel offers a series of specialty trench boxes for a wide array of applications, including Long-N-Lite for long pipe and lighter excavators, Drive Boxes for narrow excavations, Pit Boxes, Trench Plates, Slide Boxes, Telescopic Boxes, and the VanGuard all-steel drive panel system.

Kundel Bedding Box

Bedding Boxes

Designed with production in mind. Our Kundel boxes are designed to set up a rhythm for pipe installation, helping you to always have bedding material staged by the excavation site for quick and uniform installation. The by-product of better production is safety, eliminating delays and no excess pressure on the trench walls. Put the power of production in your hands with a Kundel Box. Our bedding boxes are built to take a beating and still be ready for the next job.




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