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Management Team

Meet Groff Tractor’s Management Team

Corporate Operations

Mike Savastio

President & CEO

Mike Lester

Senior Vice President

Katie Reed

VP of Human Resources

Rick Polan

VP of Finance

Tom Kenenitz

Corporate Controller

Ellen Savastio

Finance and Insurance Manager

Ed Miller

Director of Marketing Operations

Selina Moist

Director of Quality Assurance & Service Administration

Trent Wenger

Director of Information Technology

Sales & Rental Operations

Chad Brocious

VP - Western PA

Corey Berkheimer

VP - Central PA

Steve Weikert

VP - Eastern PA

Matt Wilson

VP - Paving Products

Dave Adams

Director of Intelligent Solutions Group

Keith Kimmerle

Material Processing Products Manager

Susan Woy

Corporate Manager of Sales and Rental Support

Stacey O'Donnell

Director of Sales Administration

Product Support Operations

Keith Grimes

Corporate Service Manager

Jeremiah Lowe

Director of Paving & Material Processing Division

Nathan Koch

Director of Parts Operations