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Precision Construction – Grade Management


John Deere offers the widest range of integrated grade-management-capable machines with the most flexible upgrade options in the industry. From motor graders and excavators to crawler dozers, compact track loaders, and skid steers — and with economical upgrade paths from 2D or 3D Grade Guidance up to fully integrated SmartGrade™ — you can choose the factory-ready solution that helps you make the most of your equipment fleet.



What Is Precision Construction?

Grade-control systems provide construction equipment, like dozers, with the necessary precision and visibility to reach the desired grade accurately. These aftermarket solutions accurately interpret current slopes and gradients and help operators control tools and attachments for a successful outcome.

Line up tools using exact coordinates and minimize the risk of uneven surfaces and failed projects. These solutions are most often used with excavators and bulldozers for leveling, excavating and site preparation activities.

Installing high-quality grading systems can transform a machine’s workflow. These tools can provide unique benefits like:

  • Improved accuracy: Grade systems take precise measurements to help machines achieve target grades more successfully.
  • Optimized uptime: Reduce mistakes and speed up grading procedures to take your machine’s productivity to the next level.
  • Money savings: Faster grading activities mean you’ll spend less on fuel and operator hours, freeing up more capital you can invest into other areas of your business.

Features of Grade-Control Systems

Equip your dozers, excavators and motor-graders with high-performance construction grade-control systems for faster and more efficient operation. These tools rely on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals and total station technology to create clear and accurate depictions of the environments you’re working within. The onboard display provides unique 2D or 3D pictures to help you understand what’s needed to reach your desired grade. Intuitive and automated controls make keeping your machines on the right line easy, increasing operator speed and decreasing the risk of errors or reworks.

Whether working on level planes or tricky slopes, having grade control on your construction equipment can improve your chances of success. Utilizing its unique components will allow you to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Calculate accurate surface estimates
  • Eliminate the need for checkers
  • Remove stakes placed throughout the site
  • Enjoy fewer operator inputs for less fatigue

Obtain Grade-Control Systems From Groff Tractor & Equipment

Interested in adding grade control to your machines? Groff Tractor & Equipment can’t wait to help. We have years of experience as a trusted equipment dealer in Pennsylvania, helping our customers acquire the high-quality components they need to succeed. Providing dependable customer support is at the heart of what we do. Our team takes our role in the community seriously and strives to go above and beyond in the value we provide. Each employee is thoroughly trained and certified, giving them the product knowledge and skills to connect you with the right grade systems for your applications.

We have access to superior grade-control systems from industry-leading manufacturers like John Deere, Leica Geosystems and more. Learn more about how Groff Tractor & Equipment can benefit your grading activities when you contact our team online today.

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