As part of the uptime-maximizing benefits of John Deere Connected Support and Technology Solutions, we deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach that combines the expertise of our technology specialist and our regional Machine Health Monitoring Centers.

What does that mean to you? Options. Groff Tractor has a team dedicated to machine health alerts to help protect your investment and maximize productivity. Think of it as an extra set of eyes on your machines that have only one job, watching the health and performance of your machines while they are working. If that is more than you need, we’re not turning our back.

We provide the same digital tools and support for you to manage your own fleet. Our goal is to protect your machine investment, provide solutions, and to minimize downtime. We want to keep you coming back!

Stay connected to your equipment like never before with JDLink, Connected Support, Remote Diagnostics, Precision Construction, and Payload Weighing.  At Groff Tractor, we are dedicated to equipping you with the latest technology to enhance your equipment’s performance and productivity. Explore our range of solutions and experience the future of construction technology!

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