3 Warning Signs You’re Overworking Your Heavy Equipment

As a construction company, some of your most essential assets take the form of the machines used to complete your construction projects. Everything from your paving equipment to your heavy construction equipment helps you complete different tasks quicker and easier, but if there is one thing all these pieces of equipment share in common, it is this: the need for maintenance.

Construction equipment is built to last, but it does not last forever. Without regular maintenance of your equipment, sooner or later, problems will start happening. If you fail to schedule regular maintenance, there’s an increased risk that equipment will deteriorate far worse, leading to more expensive fixes and repairs.

That said, how do you know when your heavy equipment is in need of maintenance? By paying attention to these 3 warning signs:

1. The Warning Lights Turn On

If the warning lights are on, something is wrong or could be wrong very soon. Big pieces of machinery will have sensors set up to detect problems that can occur, notifying you if problems show up or if service is necessary.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to ignore the warning light or cover it up with some tape. This does nothing to fix the problem, and in most cases, continuing the use of a machine will worsen the situation. If you notice the light go on, schedule the machine for service.

2. The Exhaust Fumes Change in Color

Normally, a machine’s exhaust fume should be somewhat transparent, sometimes with a white hue if just started up. However, if you notice that the exhaust fumes are becoming much more visible, it’s a sign that either the machine is being overworked or that there is something wrong with it internally. Different exhaust colors can mean different problems, but regardless, if you see that the exhaust is no longer transparent, send your equipment in for repairs.

3. The Fluid Levels Are Frequently Low

It is normal for fluid levels to drop after some time. The simple fix to this is to refill the fluids to keep the machine well-oiled and running properly. However, if you find that the fluid levels drop quickly and frequently, that could be a sign of a leak or a bigger problem. If you don’t notice the leak outside of your equipment, it might be happening internally. This is dangerous to your equipment, and this problem should be addressed immediately.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Heavy Equipment

There are many other signs indicating that you are overworking your machine and that your construction equipment is in dire need of repairs. These include frequent breakdowns, strange noises, and more. If you detect any of these or other suspicious signs with your equipment, you should address them immediately.

Continued use of machines already showing signs of overwork will lead to costly repairs and may even force you to replace heavy equipment prematurely.

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