Why You Should Perform Regular Fluid Analysis

Have you been putting off scheduled fluid analysis? While this is understandable due to the costs and effort required, it’s crucial to prioritize this when maintaining your heavy equipment. We put together four reasons you should schedule your fluid analysis today.

4 Reasons to Perform Regular Fluid Analysis:

1.   It Provides a Detailed Breakdown of Lubricant Performance

Comprehensive analysis of the lubricant in your equipment allows you to track the condition of your equipment’s system. By checking for contaminants, you can find problems early and prevent them from causing any damage later.

Certain metals, such as aluminum and iron, can indicate a problem with the pistons or cylinders. If water or antifreeze leaks into the machine, it can cause strain on the entire machine when it tries to push the thickened fluid through. Water detection is indicative of a bad seal, or your equipment could be running at the wrong temperature.

2.   It Helps You Spot Problems Early

Most extensive problems with machinery start small and grow increasingly worse over time. A larger problem can stem from a minor equipment failure not being repaired on time. Regular fluid analyses can help you detect when internal parts are breaking down based on the high levels of wear on the metals.

3.   It Extends the Lifespan of Your Equipment

Regular maintenance and checkups increase the lifespan of your equipment, and they help improve the overall productivity of your operations.

Through regular fluid analysis, you can detect problems early, preventing large repair bills and loss of production. Regularly checking your fluid will also improve the operating status of your equipment.

4.   It Saves You Money

While you need to invest resources and manpower in fluid analysis, doing so can help save you money. Consistently checking your fluid is much less expensive than a major repair needed due to damage from lack of maintenance. Effective and consistent fluid analysis programs can help your machinery run smoothly and keep your business running strong.

Conduct Fluid Analysis Today

We hope this article convinces you to reassess the fluid analysis approach for your heavy equipment. As you can see, conducting fluid analysis yields different benefits and advantages.

Performing regular fluid analyses on your lubrication system can highlight variations in your heavy machinery that might otherwise go unnoticed. Without making this a priority, you could be sacrificing the efficiency of your equipment.

If you need help with fluid analysis, our team of certified construction technicians at Groff Tractor can help you with construction equipment repair assistance. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today!

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