Asphalt Paving Operator Safety

Avoid injuries and accidents with these helpful operator tips


  • All equipment and materials should be inspected prior to each shift to ensure proper operation and asphalt distribution
  • When working on a roadway, check all warning and detour signs to prevent unsafe vehicle traffic near your operators
  • Plan flagger positions in strategic areas where traffic is entering your work zone or where barricades and warning signs are not possible

During operation

  • Aggregate that has been prepared for use is extremely hot and can cause serious burns. Any materials that are ready for application should be treated as a hazard and avoided without proper protective equipment.
  • All personnel should be outfitted with personal protective equipment and high visibility clothing prior to beginning operations
  • Keep workers clear of the paving machine hopper during loading of the materials, as spills or overflows can cause serious injury
  • Never leave a paving machine unattended while the screed is heating up
  • Assign lookouts and spotters to keep track of busy traffic conditions and alert supervisors of potentially dangerous situations
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