Our screening plant rental lineup is designed for a variety of application conditions and feed materials in natural stone and recycling. The classifying screens and scalper rentals are available in a double- or triple-deck version, with hydraulic or diesel-electric drives. The areas of application of the screening plants are multifaceted. A large number of suitable screen surfaces are available for achieving the different final grain sizes and for different feed material.

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Model Brand Top Deck Width and Height Feed Capacity
MS 13 Z Kleemann 4′ 6″ x 12′ 331 US t/h
MS 15 Z Kleemann 5′ x 16′ 441 US t/h
MS 702i EVO Kleemann 5′ 1″ x 14′ 9″ 386 US t/h
MS 703i EVO Kleemann 5′ 1″ x 14′ 9″ 386 US t/h
MSS 802i EVO Kleemann 5′ 1″ x 16′ 551 US t/h
MSC 953i EVO Kleemann 5‘ 1“ x 20‘ 551 US t/h
HS96 Handy Screen MGL 2 Deck 9′ x 6′ 25 hp
EX1T MGL 2 Deck 10′ x 8′ 74 hp
Kleemann Screening Plant



If you’re planning on pushing your screening plant rental to the max and don’t plan on letting up, buying is probably your best option. Groff Tractor offers one of the best rental purchase options in the industry with four plans ranging from 70% to 100% of the rental applied to the final purchase price, depending upon the duration of the rental.

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