Groff Tractor & Equipment is proud to offer rent-to-rent and rent-to-own skid steer rental options from John Deere.  Our John Deere skid steer lineup features the sizes, lift patterns, power and emissions solutions to match any application. Five radial-lift and three vertical-lift skid steers across numerous horsepower and size classes ensure that you’ll find the right solution for your operation.

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Model Brand Gross Power Net Power Operating Weight
316 John Deere 65 hp 61 hp 6,180 lb.
318 John Deere 65 hp 61 hp 6,542 lb.
320 John Deere 69 hp 66 hp 7,150 lb.
324 John Deere 74 hp 70 hp 7,700 lb.
330 John Deere 91.2 hp 88.5 hp 9,900 lb.
332 John Deere 100 hp 96.6 hp 10,000 lb.
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