Whether you use them for site prep, loading, trenching, or placing pipe, our expansive rental lineup of hydraulic excavators have you covered. Our mid to large-sized excavators are rugged and dependable. With special features such as reduced-tail-swing, grade management options, and super-long front options — there’s an excavator that fits your specific worksite needs. No matter the job, our will work smarter and harder while you can take a load off.

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Model Brand Net Power Max. Digging Depth
75 John Deere 67.6 hp 4.65 m (15 ft. 3 in.)
85 John Deere 67.6 hp 4.53 m (14 ft. 10 in.)
135 John Deere 101 hp 5.98 m (20 ft. 0 in.)
160 John Deere 122 hp 6.49 m (21 ft. 4 in.)
190 WHEELED John Deere 173 hp 5.83 m (19 ft. 2 in.)
200 John Deere 146 hp 7.07 m (23 ft. 2 in.)
210 John Deere 159 hp 6.67 m (21 ft. 11 in.)
245 John Deere 159 hp 6.62 m (21 ft. 8 in.)
250 John Deere 188 hp 7.61 m (25 ft. 0 in.)
300 John Deere 223 hp 7.87 m (25 ft. 10 in.)
345 John Deere 249 hp 7.57 m (24 ft. 10 in.)
350 John Deere 271 hp 8.18 m (26 ft. 10 in.)
380 John Deere 271 hp 8.18 m (26 ft. 10 in.)
470 John Deere 367 hp 7.77–8.27 m (25 ft. 6 in.–27 ft. 2 in.)
670 John Deere 512 hp 7.14–11.16 m (23 ft. 5 in.–36 ft. 7 in.)
870 John Deere 463 hp 7.12–9.15 m (23 ft. 4 in.–30 ft. 0 in.)
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If you’re planning on pushing your excavator rental to the max and don’t plan on letting up, buying is probably your best option. Groff Tractor offers one of the best rental purchase options in the industry with four plans ranging from 70% to 100% of the rental applied to the final purchase price, depending upon the duration of the rental.

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Rugged Solutions

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To get more productivity from your excavator, hook-up one of our many easy-to-use attachments available for rent. Our ever-expanding rental attachment lineup includes work tools from the leading manufacturers, including John Deere, LaBounty, Strickland, Epiroc, and more, so you’re sure to find the right tool for the job. Add an attachment, and watch your productivity instantly increase.

Attachment Rentals
John Deere Hammer Attachment

Work Now. Pay Later.

PowerPlan is a smart solution for managing cash flow and boosting profitability.

Free up cash for payroll, subcontractors, business growth, and other equipment. Just put your excavator rental, parts, service, attachments, technology, and more on your PowerPlan commercial credit account.

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