Groff Tractor & Equipment offers dependable welders for rent from trusted brands such as Lincoln and Miller. Our options deliver more welding power or more auxiliary power with better fuel efficiency and less noise — for productive, profitable, quieter jobsites.

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Model Brand Generator Output Range
Vantage 322 Lincoln 12.5 kw 3 Phase 30-400A CC/CV, 40-300A Pipe, 20-250A TIG, 90-300A Gouge
Vantage 435 Lincoln 19 kw 3 Phase 30-520 A CC/CV, 20-250A TIG, 30-525 A Gouge
Vantage 549 Lincoln 19 kw 3 Phase 30-575 A CC?CV, 20-250A TIG
Trailblazer 325D Miller 12 kw 1 Phase 30-325A DC, 10-35V MIG/Flux Cored, 10-325A TIG
Big Blue 400 Pro Miller 12 kw 1 Phase 20-400 A DC, 14-40V MIG/Flux Cored, 20-400A TIG
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