HAMM roller rentals are easy to operate and ergonomically optimized. Our extensive lineup of compactor rentals encompasses various tandem rollers, a wide choice of compactors as well as pneumatic-tire rollers. We offer modern solutions with which to optimize the compaction process round off the product portfolio. These allow Groff Tractor to offer practical, tailor-made solutions for every compaction task in road building and earthworks.

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Model Brand Drum Size  Centrifugal Force
HD8 HAMM  36″ 4,725 lb
HD10 HAMM 39″ 7,425 lb
HD12 HAMM 48″  8,500 lb
HD13 HAMM 51″  14,400 lb
HD14 HAMM 54″  14,600 lb
HD70 HAMM 59″  17,100 lb
HD110+ HAMM 66″ 27,225 lb
HD120+ HAMM 78″ 41,225 lb
HD140+ HAMM 84″ 41,225 lb
HDO12 HAMM 48″ Oscillating & Vibratory
HDO70 HAMM 59″ Oscillating & Vibratory
HDO90+ HAMM 66″ Oscillating & Vibratory
HDO120+ HAMM 78″ Oscillating & Vibratory
HDO140+ HAMM 84″ Oscillating & Vibratory
HAMM Compactors



If you’re planning on pushing your asphalt compactor rental to the max and don’t plan on letting up, buying is probably your best option. Groff Tractor offers one of the best rental purchase options in the industry with four plans ranging from 70% to 100% of the rental applied to the final purchase price, depending upon the duration of the rental.

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PowerPlan is a smart solution for managing cash flow and boosting profitability.

Free up cash for payroll, subcontractors, business growth, and other equipment. Just put your asphalt compactor rental, parts, service, attachments, technology, and more on your PowerPlan commercial credit account.

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