Multi-Tank Trailers


The Multi-Tank Trailer from Thunder Creek is the first fuel and service trailer to legally mitigate the need for the driver to have a HAZMAT endorsement.* In many cases, a CDL is also not required.

The trailers can be configured with four, six or eight non-spec, 115 gallon fuel tanks. Each tank stands alone as a DOT compliant, non-bulk, diesel fuel tank capable of being transported without a HAZMAT. Tanks are joined via a manifold to a common pump allowing for complete isolation during transport as well as controlled dispensing of fuel at the job site. A new electric valve manifold option automatically closes the manifold to ensure DOT Compliance without operator intervention.

These trailers can now be equipped with a new gas powered pump option, as well as the popular rear utility box and 100 gallon DEF system. This patent-pending closed DEF system is fully ISO-compliant to maintain DEF purity and protect Tier 4 equipment.

MTT460 MTT460 MTT460
115 Gallon Tanks 4 Tanks | 460 gal. Total | 7 Gauge 6 Tanks | 690 gal. Total | 7 Gauge 8 Tanks | 920 gal. Total | 7 Gauge
Torsion Axles | Hubs Dual 5,000 lbs. Axles | 6 Bolt Hubs Dual 6,000 lbs. Axles | 8 Bolt Hubs Dual 7,000 lbs. Axles | 8 Bolt Hubs
L | W | H* 13′ | 7′ | 6′ 16′ | 7′ | 6′ 18′ | 7′ | 6′
Empty Weight* | GVWR 3,326 lbs. | 10,000 lbs. 4,054 lbs. | 12,000 lbs. 4,682 lbs. | 14,000 lbs.

*A rear utility box adds 3’4” to the length and 650 lbs. to the empty weight.



*Per the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 (CFR49). The Multi-Tank Trailer specifically uses independent non-bulk packaging for the transportation of combustible liquids in the U.S. Contact us for details about state regulations.

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