Service & Lube Trailers


Service and Lube Trailers are one of the most comprehensive field maintenance solutions available to heavy equipment fleet operations. The versatile platform enables you to customize a service and PM solution that costs considerably less to own and operate than a comparably equipped lube truck.

The primary fluid tanks can be configured at 25, 55, and 110 gallons capacities (460 or 690 gallons combined) for fresh oils, used oil reclaim, diesel, coolant, and used coolant reclaim. The trailer can also be equipped with a grease system as well a closed DEF delivery system to maintain purity in off-road environments.

Pneumatic pumping systems are powered via an on-board air compressor, compressor/generator, welder/compressor/generator; or an air line can be plumbed through the front hitch to utilize an external air supply.

Most configurations allow for a 10,000K GVWR, eliminating the need for the driver to carry a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.*

SLT460 SLT690
Tanks 460 Gallon Combined Capacity | 7 & 10 Gauge 690 Gallon Combined Capacity | 7 & 10 Gauge
Torsion Axles | Hubs Dual 5,000 lbs | 6 Bolt Hubs Dual 7,000 lbs. | 8 Bolt Hubs
L | W | H 19′ 4″ | 6′ 9″ | 5′ 9″ 21′ 4″ | 6′ 9″ | 5′ 9″
Empty Weight* | GVWR* 7,109 lbs. | 10,000 lbs. 8,331 lbs. | 14,000 lbs.

*Empty weights and GVWR based on a basic trailer configuration; these values may vary.



*Per the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 (CFR49). The Service & Lube Trailer specifically uses independent non-bulk packaging

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