In my 15+ years in HR, I can honestly say I’ve never worked for a more motivated, dedicated, supportive and knowledgeable group of employees in my career. I’m proud to support our GT&E family!

Samantha White
Director of Human Resources

I have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. Groff Tractor is truly a family environment.

Corey Berkheimer
Executive VP / CSO since 2002

Working for Groff Tractor has been the most rewarding job of my entire career. I have seen many positive changes companywide over my years of employment, and it is a great feeling knowing that every day I get to do something I enjoy and can be proud of. I work with a fantastic team, and working together, we achieve our goals. The direct leadership over me has been very encouraging, positive, and truly the best, and that makes for a lasting impression.

Melissa Myers
Executive Assistant since 2008

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Thirteen years ago, I came to Groff Tractor with over twenty years of mechanical experience in various fields, but very little of it was in construction equipment repair. I’m very thankful that Groff Tractor gave me the opportunity and provided the manufacturer training that enabled me to get up to speed quickly. Throughout the years, I’ve had the pleasure of building working relationships with many of our business partners. They have relied on me to meet their repair needs, and I have relied on Groff Tractor to provide me the ‘tools’ to be there for our customers. One of the best tools is the extensive support from our various manufacturers.

George Hixson
Field Service Technician since 2004

Time flies, but it has been a very enjoyable thirty-eight years working with excellent ownership and fellow employees and building relationships with some great customers.

John Morrison
Product Support Manager since 1980
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