The Future of Heavy Equipment Rentals

With construction equipment getting smarter due to technological improvements, rental companies are doing more with less. For example, work that was previously done on paper can now be easily managed with software, offering many advantages to the rental company and its clients. This makes the rental process much easier while also cutting down on costs, benefitting both the renter and the rental provider.

We put together some examples of heavy equipment rentals and how technology is changing construction equipment operations:

1. Telematics

One of the most significant changes to the construction rental industry is the adoption of telematics. Many companies have either developed their telematics system or have worked with a partner.

Regardless, telematics does two things for rental companies: identify where their machines are and what they are doing. This even applies to individual components on the machine, allowing rental companies to track the health of their fleet and plan accordingly to ensure their clients are happy with reliable, high-performing equipment.

2. Digitization

As mentioned in the introduction, many construction rental companies have turned away from paper and started using software instead. Depending on what aspect of the company is digitized, this transformation has many different benefits.

For example, many heavy equipment rentals today are digitizing their sales and operations. This has helped them enjoy increased revenue down to improving online reach. At the same time, it has allowed them to eliminate wasted time and allocate more time to build strong relationships with their clients and customers.

3. Autonomous Heavy Equipment

Aside from technology affecting how rentals operate, it also affects the various products and services available to customers. For example, more and more construction equipment rentals are offering semi-autonomous and autonomous heavy equipment. These tools offer plenty of benefits to the clients, such as improving work safety and efficiency. Regardless, accessing this equipment means clients can work more efficiently and productively.

4. Hybrid and Electric Equipment

Autonomous equipment isn’t the only thing heavy equipment rental companies are now offering – they are also more focused on hybrid and electric equipment. As the need to become more environmentally friendly becomes apparent, construction rental companies are adapting. Due to technology improvements, this type of equipment is becoming manufactured larger and more powerful. This means that clients can access environmentally friendly and economically sensible vehicles, a big win-win for both renters and rentals.

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There are many other great benefits heavy equipment renters have enjoyed from technology improvements that will develop well into the future. These include augmented and virtual reality training, an increase in telehandlers, and more. Regardless, improvements to technology mutually benefit both the customer and the company.

All that said, if you are looking to rent new or used construction equipment, you must work with a rental company that makes the most out of these technologies. After all, technology is growing to make your life easier – a rental company that believes in that only wants the best for you.

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